Finding a Good Real Estate Agent

Do you need to sell your home? A good realtor can make a big difference. Make sure you hire someone who is experienced, hardworking and professional. Here are 8 tips for finding a good realtor: 

  1. Get referrals. Do you have friends who recently sold their homes? Ask them about their experience and if they would hire their realtor again. If yes, get that agent’s name and contact number. Ask your family and friends for referrals. 
  2. Making an interview with at least 3-4 agents is your opportunity to know about the candidates. Make a list of important questions before you meet. Don’t choose a realtor who will instantly tell you what the price of your property is. The agent might be trying to ‘buy’ your interest. Remember, the market determines the value of your home which cannot be influenced by your agent in any way.
  3. Compare the candidates: Is the best-selling agent really the best? Just because Realtor 1 sells more than Realtor 2 means that the first agent will give you better service. Sometimes the sellers who closed more deals are not really providing good service. Check their resume and work history, not entirely on their sales record.
  4. Hire the right agent, not a cheap agent.

You might be thinking of the right ways to save from buying a house. When the agent tells you that he is willing to work for lesser sales commission, it might entice you to hire him. However, remember that you are dealing with an expensive investment and you want to get the most out of the sale. You want to be at the winning end and receive profit in the form of home equity. Your mindset should be toward getting the right agent, not an agent who will charge lesser than other realtors in the industry. 

  1. Check real estate websites

Surf the internet and visit real estate websites. Most of these websites feature their superstar sales agent who specializes in other property that you are looking for.  You might want to contact them to help you find your dream house.  

A big decision like selling your home is not an easy task in today’s market. It is challenging and you need someone that is up to the task. Hire a full-time real estate professional with a proven track record. Think twice before using a family member or friend who has not sold a house since 2005. Buying a property is the largest investment of your life so make it a business decision. It is best to hire a good real estate agent who will represent your best interest from day one.