How to Get More Real Estate Clients 

Even if you are the best realtor, without clients you’ll get broke. Getting new leads must be your priority every day. Clients are your lifeblood; they are the reason why you have a job. Here are some ways to get more clients: 

Wake up early 

Many real estate agents take advantage of having the freedom to work on their own schedule. They take waking up late as one of the benefits in working in the industry. If you will not follow what they are doing, it might give you an edge over your competitors. If you will do your work early, it will give you an extra 30 days a year which you can use to look for new clients. 

Call clients

Spend time to call 60 clients, referral sources or prospects over the phone (leaving voicemail messages is not recommended). Set at least one hour every day to speak to your leads. Pick the best time for you to make these calls so that you will not forget them when something more important comes along. 

Schedule to meet your clients, and don’t forget about it 

Set a meeting with 15 new prospects every week.  Meet them face-to-face in a cozy restaurant or bar possibly during daytime. Schedule specific days to meet them every week to stay organized. Mark the dates in your calendar or appointment apps on your phone so that you will not forget it. 

Set your meeting at the same restaurant, same day 

Strategically schedule your meeting at the same restaurant at the same day, one after the other. This will make it easier for you to meet all of them in a single day and place. Take advantage of introducing your departing client to your new guest. By doing this, you are actually extending your network which is ideal for your business. 

Ask divorce attorney for referrals

When couples are undergoing divorce, they will most likely sell their house and will need your help. It is important to develop a professional relationship with divorce attorneys so that you can call them at least every week to ask if they have new clients. 


Those who plan to have a house will most likely apply for a mortgage first. Because of this, it is important to have an insider in the bank or lending company. Talk to your trusted loan officer to give you referrals of people who are asking about home financing. By doing this, you can be sure that you will have a constant supply of leads every week.